Vocabulary: The Right Words in the Right Place

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The importance of measurable results in your accomplishment statements has already been addressed. Think of the statements as flags waving at the top of a fortress. But you need a foundation for each statement – the word that starts each phrase.

Look over the following lists of suggested verbs, and use them in your resume. The opening word of each accomplishment statement captures the reader’s attention and encourages the eye to move along toward the critically important dollar of percentage figure that illustrates the job hunter’s potential worth to the employer. 

Action verbs that address your planning skills include: 

Conceived Formulated Projected
Created Initiated Reorganized
Designed Innovated Revised
Developed Instituted Scheduled
Devised Invented Solved
Engineered Justified Systematized
Established Laid Out Tailored
Estimated Organized Transformed
Experimented Originated
Formed Planned

Action Verbs that address your skills in directing employees include: 

Administered Determined Ordered
Approved Directed Prescribed
Authorized Guided Regulated
Conducted Headed Specified
Controlled Instructed Supervised
Decided Led Trained
Delegated Managed

Action verbs that suggest that you have skills in assuming responsibility include: 

Accepted Doubled Performed
Arranged Established Prepared
Attended Evaluated Produced
Achieved Experience Received
Assembled Gathered Reduced
Audited Halted Reviewed
Adopted Handled Simplified
Assumed Improved Sold
Built Implemented Transacted
Checked Installed Tripled
Classified Integrated Used
Collected Maintained Utilized
Constructed Made
Described Operated
Developed Overcame

Action verbs that embody an ability to provide effective service include: 

Carried out Explained Provided
Committed Facilitated Purchased
Delivered Furnished Rewrote
Demonstrated Generated Sent
Earned Inspected Serviced
Exchanged Installed Submitted
Expanded Issued Transmitted
Expedited Procured Wrote

Interactive skills with people are suggested by the use of these action verbs in your accomplishment statements: 

Advise Coordinated Negotiated
Aided Counseled Participated
Apprised Helped Promoted
Clarified Informed Recommended
Conferred Inspired Represented
Consulted Interpreted Resolved
Contributed Interviewed Suggested
Cooperated Mediated Unified

Investigative skills emerge with the use of these action verbs: 

Analyzed Evaluated Reviewed
Assessed Familiarized Searched
Calculated Investigated Studied
Computed Observed Verified
Correlated Proved
Discovered Researched

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