HRWorldnet partners with hotels, restaurants, and airline catering companies to maximize their employment return on investment as well as provide hospitality industry professionals seeking new opportunities a portfolio of career development services. Comprised of highly-experienced hospitality professionals, we give our partners the competitive edge necessary to develop world-class leadership teams and help our candidates find their dream job.

Magdyws (2)Magdy A. Emam, C.H.A.


For over the past 35 years, Magdy has been bringing an unparalleled level of expertise to improving hotel operations, implementing new technologies, and helping hotels with their recruiting needs. From his early days at The Waldorf-Astoria, to such prestigious companies like Starwood Hotels and Hilton Hotels, and to managing The New York Palace and The New York Sheraton Centre, he has been part of every aspect of the hotelier industry.

Armed with this experience, subject matter expertise, and business acumen, he created a recruiting firm focused solely on the hospitality industry. HRWorldnet’s premier hotel and restaurant partners have quickly learned that Magdy has a unique, intuitive sense for searching and selecting the best candidates to fit the specific needs of each partner. Magdy’s expertise gives partners the competitive edge necessary to recruit and develop world-class leadership teams.

He also works with hospitality industry professionals seeking new opportunities to provide career development services and help them find their dream job.

Maeve Fitzgerald

Executive Assistant to the President

Maeve is a customer service extraordinaire, as well as an impressive writer and editor. She is a recent graduate from Pace University, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in English literature and media. She plans to go for her Masters in English literature in the fall of 2021. Her background in the study of the English language allows her to excel in the art of composition.

She has a wide variety of skills, including that of social media, bookkeeping, coding, and sales, among others. She is committed to connecting with customers on a personal level, creating long-term relationships. She is a jack-of-all-trades, dipping her toes into several different industries and fields. Alongside this, she constantly pushes and challenges herself so she can continue to bring excellent service to customers.

Before joining HRWorldnet, Maeve focused on her studies while holding customer service positions at companies like Trader Joe’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Brianna Yeje

Talent and Recruitment Advisor

Brianna works to deliver excellent and effective executive search services in the hospitality industry. She has a proven track record of building solid relationships that help her learn exactly what it is her clients are seeking. Brianna’s goal is to create networks and relationships that go beyond the initial task to create long-term partnerships and opportunities.

She brings unparalleled motivation and passion for her work in corporate recruiting and staffing. The energy she brings to any task allows her to accomplish what she sets her mind to, and her willingness to go above and beyond is apparent. Brianna’s extensive travel experience has helped her develop an understanding of a wide array of cultures and people.

Brianna’s ability to work as part of a team is imperative to her success. Further, her willingness to always be learning helps her foster new and creative methods to achieve goals.  She is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and holds a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs from New York University

Prior to joining HRWorldnet, Brianna spent one year at Foresters Financial as a Financial Services Representative and she also spent two years at Argus Event Staffing, Inc.

Barry Mann

Human Resources Advisor

Barry Mann is an Executive Search Specialist, using his vast experience in the global hotelier industry to exceed his clients’ needs. He knows the hotel industry from the top to the bottom and understands the vast needs of a hotel. He has held several positions in the hospitality industry, including Vice President of the Barbizon Hotel, General Manager of the Helmsley Palace Hotel, Vice President of the New York Penta Hotel, and President of Chatwal Hotels and Restaurants.