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The day-to-day around your business is becoming busier and busier. You notice that you need some help, on an executive level. You create a job posting, ensuring that you list all of the qualifications and qualities that you would like to see in an executive. Then, you find a few job posting websites and boards and hit submit. The resumes begin to quickly roll in, at an overwhelming rate. You begin to sift through the pile, but you notice that several individuals do not meet your requirements or live in a different country and are not willing to relocate. You push through the irrelevant applicants and contact those who you would like to interview. After moving around your schedule, applicants arrive for their interviews late, early, messy, if they even arrive at all. Feeling defeated, you look in the mirror and say to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Meet HRWorldnet.

HRWorldnet is a global executive recruitment firm. We partner with hotels, restaurants, airline catering companies and others in the hospitality industry, to help them find top talent and ensure that they maximize their employment return on investment. We also provide hospitality industry professionals seeking new opportunities a portfolio of our career development services.

How do we do this?

Our team is comprised of experienced hospitality professionals who ensure that our all of our clients have the competitive edge above the competition. We identify the candidates’ unique strengths and abilities and match them with the right organization and the right position. Beyond credentials, we also ensure that the candidate and the corporation will be a right fit for each other on a corporate culture level as well. We achieve all this by using the latest online technological advancements. That’s why we developed our Hotel Recruitment System (HRS). This system allows us to develop a game plan and strategy in order to meet our clients’ needs.

How hard is it to hire an executive?

Hiring an executive can be complex. In order to create a system that would help our clients, we first needed to figure out what our clients’ issues were. We narrowed down the struggles to 4 main issues that arise when searching for an executive to hire:

  1. High cost of recruitment advertising
  2. Recruitment is time and labor intensive
  3. Internet job postings have limited access and high fees
  4. Pre-qualifying and pre-screening creates time management issues


After determining these issues, we created the Hotel Recruitment Systems (HRS) to help. This exclusive program leverages cutting-edge cloud technology, extensive experiences from our leadership team, and vast network to save you time and money. Our extensive network of recruiter partnerships, print, and digital advertisements, and elevated reputation brings a high-level of traffic to our Executive Listings section. We also have a global database of over 25,000 candidates and partners that are dedicated to the hospitality industry. This means that we’ve got you covered.

The main benefit of using our program is, at the end of the day, we do all the heavy lifting. We know that hiring an executive can make or break a corporation, and that is why we have made the recruitment process seamless and foolproof. There are many other benefits to our program, including being able to:

  • Minimize your recruiting workload – no sifting through resumes
  • Every candidate will meet the requirements you set
  • Everything is confidential
  • Positions are filled quickly
  • Lower costs and less time


Finding the perfect executive can be challenging. You can spend countless hours sifting through resumes, arranging interviews, and calling references. But what if you could avoid all of this? HRWorldnet is your one-stop shop for all your executive recruitment needs! Contact us today online or call us at 212-677-8600 to get started.

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As a global executive recruitment firm, HRWorldnet partners with hotels, restaurants, and airline catering companies to maximize their employment return on investment as well as providing hospitality industry professionals seeking new opportunities a portfolio of career development services. Comprised of highly-experienced hospitality professionals, we give our partners the competitive edge by using the latest online technological advancements necessary to develop world-class leadership teams. We identify our candidates’ unique strengths and abilities and match them with the right organization and the right position.

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