HRworldnet is repositioning to adjust our business practices to the reality of a post COVID-19 world. We are offering our coaching services on cost to show a commitment to the revival of the hospitality and airline industries.

With our career and hotel coaching packages, you get:

  • Multiple coaching sessions
  • An in-depth, specialized assessment for those who work in the hospitality/airline industry
  • A chance to work with a CHA with 35+ years of experience, who will help coach struggling employees shift their career plans
  • A partnership with Tony Robbins, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Makeover and a discounted rate on their services
  • For hotel consultancy, we have a separate package, specialized for general managers, and focusing on analyzing expenses and implementing new programs to increase profitability

Career Coaching Packages

Our career coaching packages include: 

Recession Rough-Rider: With our “Rough Rider” package, you get:
● HRworldnet’s in-depth operational assessment and insight for the future
● Personalized coaching for your career in the hotelier industry

Stimulus Savior: With our “Savior” package, you get all of the benefits of our most basic package plus:
● The in-depth operational assessment and insight for the future
● The option to discuss a broader scope of issues/resources
● More individualized care

Hotelier Hero: With our “Hero” package, you get all of the benefits of our last two packages plus:
● The in-depth operational assessment and insight for the future
● Access to dozens of resources
● The most personalized and thorough care from the best of the best

Hotelier Coaching

Alongside this, we have a special refinancing package for hotel owners or general managers. Due to a decreased cash flow, it is more important now than ever before to take a closer look at a hotel’s finances, and how money is being spent.  
Our hotel consultancy packages for general managers/owners includes: 

  • A review of your business practices 
  • An action plan to help increase profitability and productivity 
  • Individualized care specific to each hotel 

With our help, we can improve your hysterity programs, increase productivity and profitability, and help you find a new career. You can email us at, or click above to book your first appointment!

Though things are still uncertain, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we get closer each day. And remember: A good coach can change the game. A great coach can change your life.