Below is basic information on interview and resume techniques.

Resume Techniques

When writing a resume, many jobseekers tend to simply state what their duties and responsibilities were at their previous jobs, but tend to forget one important factor: How are they a value to a potential employer? When creating a resume, one

Interview Techniques

When entering into an interview, there should be two objectives that you should always have in mind: 1. To get a job offer: You always want to get a job offer, even if you are unsure if you want the job. It is good practice for you to go after

Why People Are Hired and Rejected

Your preparation and your ability to control the interview will enable you to overcome the weaknesses of a poor interviewer. Don’t allow such an interviewer to cause you to lose your psychological edge. Gently lead the interviewer through the

Vocabulary: The Right Words in the Right Place

The importance of measurable results in your accomplishment statements has already been addressed. Think of the statements as flags waving at the top of a fortress. But you need a foundation for each statement – the word that starts each phrase.