Are you in need of a superb executive to propel your business towards success? The right candidate is out there, but finding them can be extremely hard. From job postings to filtering through resumes, interviews to background checks, the necessary steps to find the right candidate can be lengthly, tiring, and expensive. What if there was a way that you could just write out a list of qualifications of the perfect candidate and someone else
The day-to-day around your business is becoming busier and busier. You notice that you need some help, on an executive level. You create a job posting, ensuring that you list all of the qualifications and qualities that you would like to see in an executive. Then, you find a few job posting websites and boards and hit submit. The resumes begin to quickly roll in, at an overwhelming rate. You begin to sift through the
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The importance of measurable results in your accomplishment statements has already been addressed. Think of the statements as flags waving at the top of a fortress. But you need a foundation for each statement – the word that starts each phrase. 5547
When writing a resume, many jobseekers tend to simply state what their duties and responsibilities were at their previous jobs, but tend to forget one important factor: How are they a value to a potential employer? 5541