Your hotel is busier than you’ve ever seen it. This is putting a bit of stress on you to keep the ship running smoothly, but you know better than to complain about being busy! The current set-up is working, but the machine that is your hotel could be better oiled if you just had the proper executive to take some weight off your shoulders. You’ve worked in the hospitality industry your whole life and you
Work Place Competition
  So you’ve been on the job hunt for quite sometime now. You’re starting to lose hope. You feel as if you’ll never find an employer that values your skillset, admires your talent, and sees your potential for success. While it may be tempting to accept the first offer you receive, don’t give up hope and throw in the towel just yet. Let’s face it, you spend more than half of your week at your
Your business has become increasingly busy and with summer just around the corner, you’re finding it hard to keep up. You realize that you need someone to help turn things around. You need an executive who will really help lead the team and inspire your staff. You reach out to your existing connections and create a job posting, but no luck. You start to give up hope. You think you are being too picky, but
Are you in need of a superb executive to propel your business towards success? The right candidate is out there, but finding them can be extremely hard. From job postings to filtering through resumes, interviews to background checks, the necessary steps to find the right candidate can be lengthly, tiring, and expensive. What if there was a way that you could just write out a list of qualifications of the perfect candidate and someone else
The day-to-day around your business is becoming busier and busier. You notice that you need some help, on an executive level. You create a job posting, ensuring that you list all of the qualifications and qualities that you would like to see in an executive. Then, you find a few job posting websites and boards and hit submit. The resumes begin to quickly roll in, at an overwhelming rate. You begin to sift through the